We have experience in building custom testing solutions for banking & insurance, retail, media, healthcare, education, travel & hospitality and hi-tech. The Tech Field Maturity DATEing* process provides a unique continuous measurement of maturity for quality, process and automation throughout the engagement.

Enterprise QA is all about verifying functionality, compatibility and adaptability of expected solutions, apps and services across different platforms, OS, multi browsers, multiple channel apps, APIs, complex networks and back-end systems. Tech Field is a Scalability Centric Organization that prioritizes QA.

Key Advantages:

Error-Free delivery: Tech Field guarantees to render the best services which are “Embodiment of perfection and professionalism”
Minimal Risks: Tech Field offers premium standard Software Testing and QA services where there is zero business risk
Tech Field offers extremely flexible OSQATS – Open Source Quality Assurance & Testing Services
Certified Professionals: We have CPI certified QA engineers with experience in diversified industries

Key Areas

End-to-end Enterprise QA
Process Calibration, Assessment and Optimization
Metrics Driven Implementation
Geo-based IT Governance, Compliance and Quality Standard protocols
Specialized in Video, Web and Mobile – Functional, Non-functional and Automation Testing
Team of Certified Quality Assurance Engineers